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A Solid Foundation starts with the first brick…

I have learned a lot and reevaluated a lot during the pandemic. When everything hit and reality set in that things were going to change, it tested many of our resolves. Everyone handles pressure differently and that is OK. I for one, folded under the weight of the world. However, the quiet that quarantine allowed also gave me time to really consider my contribution to this world. Was my existence bringing me happiness? How am I building my own legacy and leaving footprints that say that I was here?

For me, quarantine gave me the push I needed to make my goals a priority. Not just something that was a hobby or something that got my attention after I worked tirelessly on building a company that really did not care about my wellbeing beyond what I contributed while clocked in. Do not get me wrong, I am thankful for my job. I was able to work throughout Covid right from home. Provisions were made quickly, and I was not one of the millions that suffered from unemployment. My personal battles during that time were more so mental. What I did realize, is that I had been conditioned to believe that I could not be productive if I were not in the office.

Working from home has given me a peace that I needed. The absence of my daily commute allowed me hours, that otherwise still belongs to someone else to really flesh out my goals, work on my brand, to dedicate to my legacy.

What I hope, is that many of us used this time to reevaluate and pivot in our dream chasing. Build your brand, legacy, dreams, goals… Build your business. However small it is. You must start with the first brick. Each brick is building your foundation. #TheBigShift can be one of new beginnings. Allow this shift to bring forth new hope.

-Liz Funderbirk

Your Reliable Source; Virtual Assistant


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