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Meet CEO Elizabeth Funderbirk & The YRS Team

I decided to launch my official business website in 2017. I began using this platform as a way to highlight my skills and odd jobs that I was already offering to clients on a freelance basis. I absolutely pursued this venture as a side hustle to my 9-5 position. Starting in 2020 I stepped completely out on faith and now run YRS and work as a virtual assistant full time. I took the time to develop my skills, research my industry, educate myself, take courses, and was able to move from side hustle to obtaining my own business.


My Employment background is extensive and has prepared me to be in a position to work in a field in which I thrive. I have been in the workforce since I was 14 years old and am no stranger to hard work and determination. I have been honored to work for companies such as Wells Fargo Mortgage (where I obtained my mortgage certification), Ionos MyWebsite & M&T Bank. Corporations that offered me guidance, growth, and invaluable knowledge that I have been able to leverage in my pursuit to Build & Run a Reliable Virtual Assistant Business. 

Furthermore, I worked on a team that assisted with the development of a start-up company that appeared on Shark Tank.  Helped to launch Social Media Networks for small businesses, develop Policies, and Implemented training protocols.

Over time, with training, trial & error, and research I have become well-versed in website development using template-based programs. Some of my clients include authors, artists, musicians, tutors, boutiques, nurses (including travel nurses), physical therapists, and many more.

I have worked in quality assurance and contributed to the creation of databases. My employment history encompasses client relations, and customer services, with start-up companies, and major corporations.  

I am currently contracted as a VA for one of the top Travel Agencies in the US.  Completing travel documents, payment processing, email communication, tracking results, and general administrative tasks. 

My VA experience has also had me contracted with a Vacation Rental Property.  My duties included: Employee recruiting, marketing, brand management, and creating a standard operation manual.    



I have been contracted to provide Recruiting Services for an REO Inspection company that had hubs in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, & Tennessee.  Using platforms such as indeed, zip recruiter, craigslist, and social media. 


Additional contributions include blogs post, I have two published novels, been a part of an anthology, served on various boards, and helped start a Non-Profit Organization, where my duties included research and fundraising. I developed a database for contributors, agencies, partners, and board members. 

In summary, my professional background in Communications, Customer Service, Recruiting & Office management has groomed me for this. As an Independent Contractor, I have taken my skills and used them on a platform that allows me flexibility as well as the opportunity to fine-tune those skills and give each project the personal attention it deserves. 

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS Master)

-MS Word

-MS Excel

-MS PowerPoint

-MS Outlook

-MS Access


Master Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

-IT Infrastructure

-Database Development


Developing The YRS Team 

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Your Reliable Source; Virtual Assistant Services has expanded. We have added RELIABLE SOURCES to the team that offer additional skills, administrative services, and executive work expertise in order to accommodate a more extensive clientele. 


Offering more diversity to be effective in the Virtual Assistant market was always the goal when I started this Business. I am honored to be working in affiliation with extraordinary partners who exceed expectations every time. 

Meet the YRS TEAM and check out their INDIVIDUAL PROFILES & SERVICES. 

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